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Since 2007, e-Psychiatry has partnered with healthcare facilities, provider practices, payers and other organizations in all 50 states to successfully hire and/or contract top psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists and therapists. Today, our partners select from over 10,000 top providers who are confidentially seeking new employment and contracted positions in the e-PsychiatryProTM Jobs Market. e-Psychiatry makes it easy to post jobs to attract top providers to your facility and/or practice, and attract job inquiries from providers who are conducting confidential job searches. e-Psychiatry notifies you when providers who are matched to your facility’s specialized programs and services express interest in your facility. Then we assist you every step of the way in preparing for interviews, conducting interviews, selecting your top providers for contracting or employment, and on-boarding new providers for optimally timed credentialing and starts.

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