Accessibility for People with Disabilities

e-Psychiatry’s Commitment to Accessibility for People with Disabilities

e-Psychiatry continually strives to enhance the accessibility of our website as part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring individuals with disabilities have equal access to, and enjoyment of, our online behavioral health services.

As part of our development process and ongoing website maintenance:

  • e-Psychiatry’s website and email content is tested for
    compatibility with assistive technologies, including:

    Accessibility for People with Disabilities
    • ➢ Screen readers

    • ➢ Screen magnifiers

    • ➢ Speech recognition software for navigation and data entry

    • ➢ On-screen keyboards

    • ➢ Touch screen data entry and navigation, and

    • ➢ Text-only browsers.

  • Our website is tested with color contrast analyzers, uses color with captions for navigation, and avoids complicated designs and special effects

  • e-Psychiatry’s messaging can be enhanced for size, and our text and email communications can be enhanced via the consumer’s computer and/or smartphone settings for consumers with visual impairments.

  • Visually impaired users have access to high resolution images during videoconferences, or can access the same live clinical services from the same licensed clinicians by phone.

  • Hearing impaired users have access to our remote CART translation services for on- screen text readout of spoken content.

  • Our website can be translated into over 100 languages using Google Translate and third-party language translators.