DocsConnect partners with e-Psychiatry to provide the nation’s leading behavioral health platform, provider panel, programs and solutions for payers and employers.

Who is DocsConnect?

DocsConnect is the only telemedicine company providing a unique collection of exclusive healthcare services for our members that include and go beyond traditional Primary Care Consultations. We work together with your healthcare providers to lower health care costs and improve patient outcomes with convenient and unique healthcare options. DocsConnect utilizes an engagement platform for employees, patients and retail customers.

DocsConnect Provides:

  • • Employee Assistance Engagement Platform
  • • Patient Engagement Platform
  • • Retail Customer Engagement Platform
  • • Behavioral Health Program Developed by a World-Renowned Psychiatrist
  • • Access to Thousands of Behavioral Health Counselors 24/7
  • • Analytical Reports and Data Collection
  • • Medical Second Opinions from World-Renowned Physicians
  • • 24/7 Virtual Primary Care Visits with A Doctor of Your Choice
  • • Specialty Physician Visits
  • • Provide Expert Consultations

Proven Partnership’s

With our clients in mind, DocsConnect formed relationships with some of the world’s top companies to create a collaborative program that combines each company’s strengths. DocsConnect has one of the top telemedicine platform combined with a patient/member engagement platform. We have built upon and are leveraging our unique partnerships that provide our clients/organizations with the second largest global physician network. DocsConnect has mental health counselors that can cover all patients/members 24/7 on a global level.

e-psychiatry Logo

Who is e-Psychiatry?

The Nation’s Telepsych Marketplace

Where Payers, Providers, Patients, PCPs & Facilities

Connect for Treatment, Networks, Analytics, Staffing & Technology


Since 2007, e-Psychiatry has been a national leader in the field of telepsychiatry and teletherapy. Today, e-Psychiatry’s name is synonymous with the telepsych industry. e-Psychiatry specializes in providing behavioral healthcare services to US health plans, hospitals, clinics, provider practices, correctional institutions, and consumers in all 50 states that need timely access to the limited supply of telepsych specialists. e-Psychiatry provides a variety of services, including:

  • PayersTelepsych Networks, All 50 States
    Thousands of Psychiatrists, NPs, Psychologists & Therapists
    AI Platform for Reduced Costs, Better Care
    Full Provider Credentialing
  • ProvidersVirtual Office Portals for Existing Patients
    New Patient Referrals
    Patients Pay for Care at the Time of Service (No Claims)
    New Telepsych Job Postings
    HIPAA Secure Videoconference Platform
    A Complete Suites of Telepsych Practice Tools
  • PatientsDirect Access to Telepsych Providers for Consults & Care
    Timely Appointments
    Medications Management & Therapy
    Use Your Existing PC/Mac, Tablet, Phone for Care
  • FacilitiesVirtual Facility Portals – Branded to Your Specifications
    Telepsych Staffing for Psychiatrists & NPs
  • PCPsTelepsych Consults
    Integration of Physical & Behavioral Services


DocsConnect’sleadership has over 35 years in the healthcare industry consulting and finding unique solutions for our customers. DocsConnect partners with the world’s top companies bringing new, innovative solutions to the healthcare arena. DocsConnect’s leadership team focuses on the very best “one stop shop” for all our customers’ needs. DocsConnect leadership team focuses on the “whole wellbeing of patients” bringing a unique change in the behavioral health arena. DocsConnect provides telemedicine services that encompass all types of skilled providers, with a specialty in behavioral health. DocsConnect also delivers care in the home, office or in patient setting. DocsConnect has formed partnerships that enable us to customize programs to fit any organization’s needs.