Facility Services

Treat Patients Online

e-Psychiatry makes it easy to engage your facility’s providers in offering telepsychiatry services to a broad range of patients throughout your state – thereby expanding the footprint of your service area and increasing facility revenue. You can enable your providers to provide secure videoconference and telephone services to clients who are seeking same day consultations on the e-PsychiatryProTM Initial Consult Queue. Your providers can also establish professional profiles to attract new patient appointment requests and referrals from insured and cash pay patients. Providers are matched with patients based on a variety of criteria, including the type of provider requested, the age groups treated, and the areas of their clinical specialization. Possible services include initial consultation, assessment, therapy, medication management and referral to other providers for longer term care. Patients are charged the rates you want to advertise on the website, and patients have a chance to rate their provider on various measurers of performance allowing providers and their staff to continuously improve services.