Our Advantages

Full Customization & Branding

Completely tailor the design of your virtual clinic in minutes:

  • Change the colors of your website
  • Insert your logo & branding
  • Customized hospital URL
  • Tailored Pre-Session Patient Surveys
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Comprehensive Suite of Practice Tools

Our platform includes all of the tools therapists need to treat patients ranging from scheduling to billing & more.

HIPAA Secure Videoconferencing
Secure Online payment
EMR & e-Prescribing
Provider-Patient Messaging
Secure Document Sharing
Branded Provider Portals
Access to New Patients
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Access New Patients & Job Opportunities

The only virtual clinic in the industry which allows clinicians to gain exclusive access to e-Psychiatry's queue of new patients and job opportunities

  • All Psych Services/All Psych Settings: Therapy, meds management, crisis evals, PCP consults, etc. – inpatient, outpatient, ED, all LOC, 24/7
  • New patient & job opportunities in all 50 states

Tailored to Behavioral Health

  • Billing & Claims Payment System tailored to behavioral health services
  • Customizable pre-session behavioral health clinical surveys

HIPAA Secure

e-Psychiatry's telemedicine platform is encrypted at and beyond HIPAA security standards. Our secure telemedicine platform enables for secure care of consumers, secure sharing of medical records, and secure provider-patient messaging.

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